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What I felt grateful was that Prof. Mario Gerla saw and truly believed students’ potentials and their future growth and improvement.

My PhD study has not been going smoothly. It was like driving an airplane with bird-stricken and completely failed engines. Receiving some emails from the department was just a trivial problem. I spent too much time and emotional energy recovering almost-destroyed myself. One day, the final moment eventually came, and I had to write a long passage of full surrender. Instead of taking my exhaustion seriously, he guided me to find the right place, direction, and posture.

From his life, I am thinking of the power of giving. Being kind and generous wouldn’t be easy without true strength. Why is it be important? The network grows with following the power law, and the affected nodes form the positive network spreading out. It wouldn’t be a coincidence that he was a great pioneer in computer networks. He will be deeply missed and alive in my heart forever.